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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Here Are 10 Bitcoin Affiliate Programs That Can Earn You Money!!

Many people are currently stuck at home with nothing better to do.. so today i thought i would show everyone 10 great ways to earn bitcoin online.
There are many different bitcoin affiliate / referral programs - although many of these offer shit products or are blatant scams.
Today we have for you 10 tested bitcoin affiliate programs.


Bankera Exchange has multiple products such as payment systems, atm cards, crypto exchanges and more. This project has been online over 2 years and has made 131 weekly dividend payments.


Kucoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and offers token holders a share of the revenue generated on the platform. Users can also earn profit by holding coins on the exchange and referring users the the platform.


Binance is one of the worlds biggest and popular cryptocurrency exchanges and offers many passive income opportunities - you can earn money lending coins, staking coins and by referring users to trade on the platform.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser lets you earn cryptocurrency using it, brave also blocks those super annoying Youtube pre roll video ads, it blocks tracking cookies, ads and other nasty code.


Prospectors is a fun little game that learns you earn real cryptocurrency in the game, it costs nothing to play and setup. Create your own little virtual mining businesses, create banks and shops, sell items and much more.

Chain Warriors

Chain Warriors is another blockchain game where you can earn bitcoin inside the game, you can find rare and expensive items in the game and then sell them on the exchange for cold hard cryptocurrency.

The Abyss

The Abyss is a new blockchain gaming platform that already has a number of awesome games to promote and has strategic partnerships with big names in the industry such as Epic games and Steam.


Bitvest is a gambling and investment platform that has been online for about 4 years now. The website is simple and super easy to use, it offers a 3 level referral program and allows users to earn profit funding the bank.


Bitkong is one of the most popular bitcoin gambling websites, you can double and triple your bitcoin easy if you choose the right coconuts to pick. Very addictive and fun to play, earn bitcoin with the referral program.


And of course, this list wouldn't be complete without Publish0x - The website you are reading this article on. Earn bitcoin by writing articles, reading other users articles, tipping writers and referring other users.

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