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Sunday, April 12, 2020

GoodNews: Cryptocurrencies Embark On An Unexpected Bulk Run As Market Goes Up 4.16%

Good news to all those reading this post. I know as far as we are all here, we are into cryptocurrencies one way or the other.
About 8 hours ago, the Cryptocurrencies Market was down by 1.03% and down over fours days with a percentage of 15%. But now, all of a sudden there are bull runs everywhere. All the first 20 major cryptocurrencies listed on coinbase has had an increase of 4 Percent in total.
Each and every cryptocurrency including bitcoin, litecoin, BAT, Etherium, Etherium classic, bitcoin cash, XRP, Tezos, Zcash, Chainlink etc had major increases ranging from 4 percent to over 12 percent.
Take a good look at the cryptocurrency price market below;
Bitcoin wasn't the highest mover bit it did move up a great length from a negative percentage Tina positive percentage as high up as 4.37%, Etherium also moved closely to 4.21%, bitcoin cash, BAT all moved up over 4% among others. The biggest mover is Chainlink that jumped to 10.03%.
Taking a look at the above table will give you much insite.
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